Sustainable Fisheries – Bycatch Hub


Connecting fisheries with information and funding to reduce bycatch in the global fishing industry.

Based on the work we did for their main website, we created a new website with a few custom tools to inform fisheries about bycatch solutions, and to connect funders with projects that need funding.


  • Accessibility
  • Content Strategy
  • Research
  • UX/UI Design
  • Wordpress


  • Custom map interface
  • Flexible page layouts
  • Flexible content components
  • Custom page templates
  • Security measures including two-factor authentication
  • Custom icon design
Fishery Template design


Trawls Fishery landing page design for Eastern Pacific Ocean

Fishery Landing Page

Fisheries can view information related to their specific gear type and ocean location

Dolphins, a bycatch species, swimming near a school of small fish

Learn about the bycatch species

Funding opportunity

Funders can see available opportunities and signal interest

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About Sustainable Fisheries – Bycatch Hub

Sustainable Fisheries engages retailers, brands, and foodservice companies to drive actions through their seafood supply chains to rebuild depleted fish stocks, reduce the environmental impacts of fishing and fish farming, protect ocean biodiversity, address social issues in fishing, and advance economic opportunities for fishers and their communities worldwide.

icons for 16 target species